Your little hand in my big hand

Your little hand in my big hand.
Your creativity in my rationality.
Your laughter in my sincerity.
Your craziness in my bleakness.
Your temperament in my eruditeness.
Your little hand in my big hand.

Together we walk the way of life.
You enrich mine, I support yours.
We live together, we grow together.
We need each other.
We are one in everything and everywhere.


We are islands.
They are isolated by the sea.
Our skin is like the sea.
The skin borders our inside to the outside.
We are islands.
Every island has its own climate.
So do humans.
But we are one, islands are part of the whole world.
We are islands in a big world.

The last leaf

Strong standing against autumn’s regime,
Holding on to a memory of warmer days,
Coloured by the season,
The last leaf is leaving the branch,
Sliding through frosty air,
Finding its friends and family on the ground.


There is no understanding.
There is no mind to understand.
There is only a heart to be opened.

Just feel the truth.
Just experience the wisdom.
Just live the way.

Reason destroys understanding.
Reason is another sphere.
Reason cannot jump into motion.

Our emotions know the truth.
Our heart feels the wisdom.
Our mind understands without words.


We sit in the middle of the day, at night, in the morning.
We sit in a dojo, at home, in a park.
We sit when we walk, talk, laugh.
We sit whenever we breathe.
We sit when we are.
We sit now.
We sit.