We think we own private land,
But this is an illusion.

We think we own stocks,
But this is an illusion.

We think we own a car, a house, a jet,
But this is an illusion.

We think we own the blood and work force of the others,
We exploit and grow our luxury, but this is an illusion.

We own nothing but our life and the labour,
But this is an illusion too.


We live aware. We are recognizing us. We acknowledge our feelings. We rethink our motions. We have a past and we know it. We will have a future and we plan it. But we live in the present and we often forget this. Being conscious about this moment is the only thing what counts.


We think we know who we are. We draw a largely oversized picture of ourselves. We play as if we are ignorant to our full capacity. We  are creating selves to feel bigger. We are nothing but a drop of water in the ocean. We are sabotaging our life in order to be something else than this little drop of water, this little drop is as important as anything else.


Plato questioned our world view. 
Socrates was concerned with our logical thinking. 
Nietzsche thought about our religious relationship. 
Wittgenstein told us to rethink our words. 

In sum they taught us to be and not to be haunted by the social conventions. 
To follow your heart and virtue, not the words and believes of others. 
We shall be, just be.