I started this blog to disseminate my ideas and to receive feedback. Hopefully I will keep up posting stuff on a regular basis; however, I appreciate comments and opinions on my posts.

This will be the attempt of an artistic online autobiography which will demonstrate my philosophical, zen-istic and social-cultural believes. Since I am still alive this will be an ongoing living page which will change but not straightforward evolve. There might be things appearing as well as disappearing. My main concern here will be to express my thoughts in their complexity and heterogeneity. One can learn, can read, can watch and look and discuss. Wherever I feel like there might be a dual language version of documents, but mainly I try to stick to English. You might see personal details or aspects, comments, opinions with which you disagree to see, read or hear, please forgive me but this is my point of view and I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, religious believes or social understanding. My ideas grew out of the past and might guide me into the future. It is not important who I am or where I come from, though it might be guessable, what is important is the message and the moment. Therefore this webpage is thought to be a momentarily capture of thoughts and it might loose content in the same way as it gains content. Similar to our lives it is an organic construct. Thank you for your attention, time and interest. Please leave a comment.


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