Living is a commitment to life.
Being social is a commitment to the society.
Fulfilling tasks is a commitment to the job.
Being the best way as you can is a commitment.



Majestic little balls of cotton candy floating in the azure sea of sky.
Made of tiny drops of water, gathered in a fragile community.
White and puffy they are moved forward by the wind.
Forward is any direction, there is no goal, just being there.
But every now and then two fluffy spheres unite and become a bigger one.

And so they grow.
Bigger and bigger.
Expanding into the infinite.
Reaching into the nothingness of space.
They become humongous.
Grey giants.
Filling the sky.

They are darkening the day, like an eclipse.
The little drops of water are growing into big and heavy raindrops.
They are falling down to earth, released by the community of raindrops.
Driven by gravity, they are increasing their speed. Down, down, down.
At the bottom they hit the ground with disintegrating force and the little droplet splatters in all direction.

The end of a form.
Now they are just water on the ground.
Ready for the next adventure.
A new life awaits the molecules of water.
And again they start the circle of life.
They fulfill the highest form of being.
Just be what you can be.


The thoughtful way to your goal.
The victory or setback can be estimated.
Strategic ideology hinders often a free life.
Social strategists are playing with human lifes.
Everything can be a strategy, even none.
Have a plan to not plan everything.
Life itself follows a major strategy.
Live and let living, do what works for you and others. Be yourself. Find your goal, your way.

Life’s traveling

We start small one place,
We change our position,
We find rest in another spot.

Our trip is an emotional journey,
It is a physical wandering and growing,
Life is a spiritual voyage.

We are constantly moving,
Temporal, spatial, emotional,
Intellectual, spiritual and holistic.


The origin.
A prototype.
The perfect invention.
Patent your ideas.

Be original.
Follow your heart, find your truth.
No patents needed for that.
An authentic life needs no patents nor artificial safety.


Bringing it down to one point.
Centralizing scattered ideas.
Narrowing the variety.
Pinpointing the awareness.
Concentrating the mind.
Togetherness. Oneness. Nothingness.