Spring Day

Light blue spring sky,
Large shadows dancing at walls,
A new day arrives.



The shadows on the ground,
Reflections of the spring sun,
A dance in black and white.


We are always talking.

We talk with words.
We talk with our hands.
We talk with our eyes.

We share opinions.
We share feelings.
We share ideologies.

We are not stopping distributing our knowledge.
We are never finished with discussing controversies.
We are not done with stealing time from others.

We should stop talking
And start listening
And spreading love.

We need to always love.

The ship of Theseus

A ship which sailed the seven seas,
Once the captain was a big hero,
His folk decided to worship his remains.

The ship of Theseus was put on display,
After years it rotted away and needed repair,
Piece by piece it was replaced.

After decades it was almost new,
But is this still the ship of Teseus?,
Or is it something new?

Do we see the ship‘s aura different after restauration?
Is its character still the same?
Do the memories change when the memories‘ vessel change?

Do people change through time?
Is the object the same as the experience?
How does our perception change of someone or something through time?

Change is natural.
Keeping Theseus’ ship on display is only a memory put into an object.
Is such memory real? Or is only our experience real?


Life is like a river, while the river runs it is full of life, but when the river gets stuck it gets bad and loses its energy and life. Life needs to flow like a river, with all its waterfalls and rapids. They might be hard to get by, but you feel much refreshed afterwards…


We are islands.
They are isolated by the sea.
Our skin is like the sea.
The skin borders our inside to the outside.
We are islands.
Every island has its own climate.
So do humans.
But we are one, islands are part of the whole world.
We are islands in a big world.