Everything perishes.
Nothing can be taken away.



We are islands.
They are isolated by the sea.
Our skin is like the sea.
The skin borders our inside to the outside.
We are islands.
Every island has its own climate.
So do humans.
But we are one, islands are part of the whole world.
We are islands in a big world.


There is no understanding.
There is no mind to understand.
There is only a heart to be opened.

Just feel the truth.
Just experience the wisdom.
Just live the way.

Reason destroys understanding.
Reason is another sphere.
Reason cannot jump into motion.

Our emotions know the truth.
Our heart feels the wisdom.
Our mind understands without words.

We change

We feel the same. We are not feeling immediately getting older, but we realize aging in larger steps. When we are in our thirties we are realizing that we are no more teenagers, in our fifties we are feeling that the twenties are over. However, overall we always believe we are the same. We are not realizing that life is change.

Everything changes. Our body does not only grow older, he regenerates himself regularly. Cells are replaced, renewed, repaired. So from which point onwards are we different to what we were before? Is it one cell exchange or twenty or a million? When is a change a change? It is a matter of definition and to define something it is a matter of our mental state.

Our mental state is how we realize our life and experience the world. We can change our mental state, we can accept the change and realize that the moment is now and we are now, so we are in the moment. We are not yesterday or tomorrow, we are right now. And this now is changing constantly.

We are damned to be free, damn it!

We can run freely, but this is not the point.
We can talk freely, but this is not the point.
We can listen freely, but this is not the point.

The point is to reflect on your free-running.
The point is to reflect on your free-talking.
The point is to reflect on your free-listening.

We are damned to run, talk and listen freely.
We are damned to rethink our behavior.
We are damned to be free.