Words are like cotton candy,

They are fluffy at first,

But when you touch them they get solid

And can hurt with sweetness.

Just walk by,

Do not stick with them.


Plato questioned our world view. 
Socrates was concerned with our logical thinking. 
Nietzsche thought about our religious relationship. 
Wittgenstein told us to rethink our words. 

In sum they taught us to be and not to be haunted by the social conventions. 
To follow your heart and virtue, not the words and believes of others. 
We shall be, just be. 


We think, but we do not know how.
The river runs, but it doesn’t know how.
The eagle flies, but doesn’t know how.
What good is it to know, but not be able to do it?


The lion is the king of the animals.
His majesty is standing tall.

Observant and conscious.
Relaxed and soft.
But ready to react.
Tense and intense.
Careful and aware.

This should be the state of our minds.
The mind shall be like a lion.

10 steps to success

There are not only ten predestined steps to success, there are millions of little steps and all will lead towards the goal. The final goal is the acceptance of the inevitable. Success is only a state of mind and it is your mind who sets the goals. You are the master of your success in your head, don’t follow others find your own way.

Mind like water

What is the colour of water?
What is the state of your mind?

Water, like mind, is running sometimes like a crystal clear stream in the mountains. Then a waterfall brings down all the flow, the thoughts are falling like the water.
On other occasions the mind carries sorrows like little stones and sand and turns into a muddy river. No getting through, all cloudy and dirty. Then the thoughts are settling and it becomes clear eventually, or it turns into a deadly, poisonous pool. Thoughts are dying and becoming dangerous in such environments.
Sometimes small streams are carrying dead logwood down, and so does the mind. It might carry dead weight all along until it gets stuck on a river bank. Then the thoughts are flowing freely again, everywhere where they can.
No matter what the colour of your water is, it contains single drops. Each drop is an individual thought, which can be freed and evaporate to steam. Let your thoughts evaporate and create something new. Clouds in the sky are only water drops, but they are clear and fly free.
Don’t let your thoughts get frozen to solid ice, these are ideologies. No one wants the tyranny of single thoughts. We all want to fly.

What is the state of water?
What is the colour of your mind?


We are always talking.

We talk with words.
We talk with our hands.
We talk with our eyes.

We share opinions.
We share feelings.
We share ideologies.

We are not stopping distributing our knowledge.
We are never finished with discussing controversies.
We are not done with stealing time from others.

We should stop talking
And start listening
And spreading love.

We need to always love.