Spring sun

Warm and bright the disk at the sky.
All animals and plants are longing desperately.



What is your footprint?
Do you life with minimal waste?
Do you leave much carbon dioxide?
What is your lifestyle?

We do not need much to live.
We do need to breathe.
We do need to eat.
We do not need to waste.

What else to do than to eat,
To breathe,
To sleep,
To meditate.
Find your inner peace,
Leave no waste.


A river brings lots of water downstream.
It is part of earth’s cycle.
Energy of water.

A river flows like a life downstream.
Both are part of an energy cycle.
Energy of life.

A river is full of opportunities.
Each one is part of a cycle of new ones.
Energy of decision.


Nothing is steady,
Everything flows,
Nothing is forever,
Everything changes.

Be ready for the change,
Be steady in the stream,
Be upright in your life,
Be constant in love.