Summer heat

No air moving.
Every movement is too much.
The sweat moves slowly.

The air burns.
The tarmac is burning.
Burning heat all around.

Clouds are appearing.
Clouds with refreshing rain.
Clouds shielding the sun.

The rain comes down in big drops.
Rainwater cools the air, the tarmac, the people.
You dance in the warm rain.


Laughter melts reservations.
Laughter warms your heart.
Laughter is societies glue.

United in laughter we will not forget the moment.
A laughing family is bound together forever.
What do you waiting for? Laugh.


Born out of the seed of thought.
Growing unexpectedly.
Building something new.
Sometimes recreating old things.
Sparks for a short time only.
Grows until it bursts like a bubble.
An idea is an idea is an idea.
That is what the world drives.


In your mind, in your heart.
Nothing disturbs the flat surface of the lake.

A stone drops, ripples on the surface, thoughts occur.
Broken silence, and again silence.

Blue Sky

Infinite sky.
Azure blue.
Bright color.
Deep nothing.
Wide horizon.
Endless dome.
Until the sun sets.

Dramatic change.
Darkening colors.
Yellow. Red. Purple.
Pitch black. With white dots.
Infinite stars.


Up in the mountains.
Scarce vegetation.
Blue spots on alps.
Dark blue funnel.
Treasures for the eye.
No picking possible.
Only nature can preserve this beauty.
Rare finds high up.
Satisfaction for the eye and soul.
Peacefulness beyond reach.
Blue truth on green carpets.

Peaceful mind

Gentle flow of thoughts.
No attachement.
Keep the stream moving.
No attachment.
New thoughts arriving.
No attachment.
Old ones leaving.
No attachment.
Mind as clear as a mirror.
No attachment.
Peaceful being.
No attachment.